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Who We Are


OOO-Marketing is a female-founded marketing and events consultancy led by seasoned

brand storytellers and experiential enthusiasts with decades of experience working for iconic media titles and large-scale companies. Our fractional framework gives clients across all categories and industries access to short-or-long-term expertise to level-up their brand strategy, grow their event portfolio and accelerate projects -- without the cost of hiring full-time staff.

OOO-Marketing is also acclaimed for our work/life coaching services to help you thrive       in your professional journey and personal life. 

Why OOO-Marketing?

Clients elevate their offerings by unlocking remote marketing talent to take on projects and events that need a
seasoned eye. We become an integral part of your team
to accelerate your goals and move the needle.​

  • Benefit from the brain power of our founding marketing leaders and extended brain-trust of experts

  • Avoid the on-boarding costs of hiring full-time staff 

  • Accelerate a project when you don't have the resources

  • Take advantage of bespoke rates tailored to your individual needs


Danielle Neumann OOO-Marketing
Danielle Neumann

Danielle is a highly effective leader and action taker whose expertise and enthusiasm come together to deliver breakthrough strategies that elevate a brand’s cultural and consumer relevance while delivering on KPI’s.

Julie Greenberg OOO-Marketing
Julie Greenberg

Julie has a demonstrated track record for producing omnichannel brand offerings. With her unique blend of both analytical and creative thinking, she offers brands forward-thinking solutions that transform their marketing goals.

Kristine Scichilone OOO-Marketing
Kristine Scichilone

Kristine has built a career around thinking big for brands. As a creative thinker and strategic planner, she helps companies and people formulate strategies so they can effectively
reach their goals and create sustainable
new revenue streams.

Nicole Kenneally OOO-Marketing
Nicole Kenneally

Nicole is an industry-spanning leader known as a best-in-class brand steward, strategist, and storyteller. Her solution-oriented approach to marketing keeps brands relevant in a
hyper-competitive marketplace. 

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