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Beat The Sunday Scaries

We’ve all experienced the “Sunday Scaries,” when your mind switches from weekend enjoyment to week-ahead dread. Studies show using basic mindfulness techniques and meditation can help manage worrying thoughts – so we don’t sabotage our time off the clock by associating work thoughts with tension. Here is some insight from headspace, whose mission it is to "improve the health and happiness of the world":

We can’t stop thoughts about the Sunday Scaries or anything else — the mind will always think. But many find that meditation helps manage thoughts so you can snap ourselves back into being more present and stress less about the week ahead.

A regular meditation practice helps build awareness and resilience so you don’t get so stuck in thoughts. Once we’re able to notice, “Oops, there I go thinking about that Tuesday meeting,” we can choose to acknowledge the thought clearly and calmly. We see what the mind is doing, and we choose to step away from it. Then, we’re able to get out of our heads and get back to weekend-ing.

We can also change the “Sundays = Anxiety” equation by scheduling feel-good activities for Sunday afternoons so instead of fearing Sundays, you’ll look forward to them.

Link HERE to the full story on headspace for more helpful techniques.



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