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Book Release News: Everyday Dharma: 8 Essential Practices in Finding Joy in Everything You Do

We’re looking forward to diving into RISE wellness app founder and “happiness expert” Suneel Gupta’s new book Everyday Dharma, being released on 9/5/23 – sharing essential practices for bringing work and life worlds into harmony to bring more joy into everything you do.

In a worth-the-watch interview with CBS, Gupta talks about the importance of finding your “dharma”, or inner calling, for a successful work/life balance ratio – which means stepping out of the hustle culture to “build sustainable emotional runways to success by embracing simple, life-changing habits that benefit wellbeing and boost performance.”

He also shared a Rythmic Renewal time management strategy practiced by many high-performers, from business thought-leaders to notable artists, who take frequent focused breaks throughout the day. Gupta calls it the “55-5” model: for every 55 minutes of work, treat yourself to five minutes of restorative, focused downtime (think coffee break, listening to your favorite song, etc.). The loss of five minutes has a much higher return – making the other 55 minutes more productive, which speaks to his belief that we tend to underestimate the big gains little shifts can unleash.

According to Gupta, dharma is within reach for all of us when we have the right strategies to peel back the layers – and when you tap into your true essence, it helps you reset, re-engage, and rediscover the joy in what you do. He shares his simple, performance-enhancing, well-being-boosting strategies in this highly-anticipated book.

Link here to purchase on Amazon and please come back to share your thoughts in “Comments.”


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