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Dopamine Dress Your Space

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Home design is extremely personal. For me, I gravitate towards a calm and neutral palette, especially when it comes to my WFH space. The combination of soft hues and varying textures helps keep my mind focused and my mood at ease. While there isn't a one-size-fits-all winning formula for designing the perfect workspace, there are key elements to consider when choosing color. Studies show incorporating shades of green and blue can help boost creativity and open the mind to new ideas (who doesn't want that?!). Let my own personal space (pictured below) inspire you, and don't forget to shop the links to infuse these elements into yours!


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Our goal is to inspire you to create (and love) the space you work and live in, starting with easy, shoppable affiliate links to similar items on Amazon. We do receive a small commission if you shop from these links, but there is absolutely no additional cost to you.



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