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Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home Workspace

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Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home Workspace

Below are simple yet effective ways I refresh my home workspace in order to stay motivated and inspired from week-to-week. I hope they inspire you too!

~ Fresh Flowers: Whether it's a pop of color or a calming hue, flowers always elevate my mood. I swap out the vase each week to change up the look and feel of the arrangement.

~ Fruit Infused Water: This may seem simple but it's so effective! My tip: prep a variety of flavors at the start of the week and store in reusable cups in your fridge. I can’t get enough of mint and cucumber for a spa-like sip throughout my day. It's the ultimate refresher!

~ Candles: Not only does the scent of a candle influence my mood, it helps create a calming and inviting workspace to stay productive.


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