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Must-Haves for At-Home Exercise

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Must-Haves for At-Home Exercise

My mantra has always been “movement is medicine” and now more than ever I prioritize exercise throughout my workday, especially when working remote. While I get my workout in typically before the sun comes up, I make it a priority to schedule micro moments of movement throughout the day. Whether it’s walking my dog or a quick yoga flow outside (while it's still nice out!), the combination of fresh air and freedom from the screen is a sure-fire path to feeling my best both mentally and physically. My exercise essentials are stored in a basket nearby and include items such as a yoga mat, resistance band, and lavender spray that refreshes both the mat and my mood!


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About OOO Home Office

Whether you are team WFH or not, we can all agree that the pandemic has put our homes in more of a starring role than ever before. In this series, the OOO team will open the doors to their “home offices” – sharing everything from DIY projects and room re-designs to time-saving (and crowd-pleasing) recipes and everything in between. Follow along for inspiration on how to create (and love!) the perfect space to work and live in.

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Our goal is to inspire you to create (and love) the space you work and live in, starting with easy, shoppable affiliate links to similar items used for the recipe on Amazon. We do receive a small commission if you shop from these links, but there is absolutely no additional cost to you.

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