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Desk Ideas: Decked Out In Personal Style


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Home Office Desk Ideas: Decked-Out In Personal Style

"Hello, it's Danielle here. I’m happy to report the “Dopamine Dressing”

trend of wearing what makes you feel happy isn’t limited to your wardrobe!

My at-home productivity went from so-so to stellar once I infused my personal style into

my desktop space. I’ll admit my choices are a dash over-the-top but hopefully you’ll be

inspired to choose desk décor that celebrates your personal style.

(P.S. I couldn’t resist including my fluffy “thinking heels” that always spark my best brainstorm ideas --

and can you spot my co-pilot Betty under my desk?)


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About OOO Desktop

As a fully-remote business, Team OOO has mastered the art of creating

a desktop designed for peak performance no matter where you’re working from –

whether you’re WFH, RTO or taking your office on the road. We’re excited to share

our selects to help you create a workspace that that maximizes your

productivity without sacrificing your style.

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