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How to Take More Effective Work Breaks

In the hustle and bustle of our daily grind, work breaks often become our refuge—a moment to catch our breath amidst the chaos. Yet, not all breaks are created equal. Recent research, reported by Harvard Business Review, sheds light on how to how to take better work breaks, taking into account the time of day, length of break and even who you are taking a break with. Read on to learn more and explore which work break elements will help transform your productivity landscape.

  • It turns out that pausing more frequently, and just for a few minutes, (also called Micro-breaks) can be effective in recharging your battery. Consider using the time for breath work, stretching or healthy snacking.

  • Consider taking shorter pauses in the morning and longer work breaks in the late afternoon. According to the research, fatigue worsens over the workday, and we tend to require additional time in the afternoon to revitalize your mind & body.

  • We all know that physical activity yields positive mind & body benefits, but surprisingly, when it comes to effective work breaks, research shows that these types of breaks are only beneficial if employees are consistent with their physical activity.

It's not only important for employees to engage in work breaks but managers as well. According to Harvard Business Review, leading by example will help set boundaries around not interrupting work breaks, and more importantly help prevent stigma and guilt that employees may have around taking work breaks. To learn more findings, check out the article from HBR.



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