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New Year New Vibe: Office Feng Shui

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New Year, New Vibe: Home Office Feng Shui

According to the Harvard Business Review, the physical environment of our workplace has a significant effect on performance. Simply put, when our space is a mess, so are we. Kick off the new year with a home office de-clutter/re-org session to maximize your productivity – and integrate some core Feng Shui principles to reach the higher goal of inner peace.

Feng Shui Tips*

  • Create good flow. Remove things that prevent you from getting to your desk easily so you can navigate your desk and career without obstacles

  • Position your desk to face the office door to put you in the "commanding" position of your career. Or, use a mirror so you're looking at a reflection of the door

  • De-clutter using e-files, digital desktop organizer, digital notebook, wall-mounted glass “white board”, floating shelves and under-desk rolling cart

  • Embrace Marie Kondo’s “one in, one out” rule

  • Use Aromatherapy (grapefruit and basil are notable mood-boosters)

  • Bring in a plant with round leaves to activate positive energy like the good luck-inducing Money Tree plant

  • Put inspiring messages and images on your walls

  • Movement helps mindset: consider a space-saving, Feng-Shui-friendly under-desk folding treadmill for the ultimate in mindset-boosting and multi-tasking

  • Personalize your use of colors (white for precision, red for passion, brown for nourishment, black for wisdom, green for growth, blue for rejuvenation)

Bonus Tip

  • Simulate the sound of colleagues: if background noise boosts your brain power, try the free “The Sound of Colleagues” white noise tool that emulates the ambient sound of a bustling office life HERE

*Credit to HGTV and The Spruce


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