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On Trend: More Paid Self-Care Days For When Life Gets Stressful

A recent study by the American Psychological Association found 76% of adults experienced health impacts due to stress during the last month. Tuned-in companies are taking note and striving to address mental health more directly and openly with their employees. From “Self Care Days” to “Time Out Days” to the more direct “Mental Health Days”, they serve the same purpose: to encourage workers to take advantage of additional PTO specifically designed to disconnect from stress at the office.

Workplace trend analysts are seeing a significant increase in the number of executives who understand this is essential in attracting and keeping employees in this tumultuous job market. Case in point: employees at a notable personal finance company already get unlimited time off, three days a year for volunteer work, and a five-week sabbatical after five years on the job – and now an additional four Self Care Days a year, with the hope to shut the whole company down for those four days so workers don’t feel work piles up while they’re out to re-charge.

Other companies are investing in on-site “respite rooms” where workers can decompress – which is especially important as many RTO workers are struggling with interacting with large groups after such a long period of WFO.

Here’s hoping this will be the norm and not the breaking news in the future!

Sources: WSJ, American Psychological Association “Stress In America” study


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