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OOO Home Office: NYE Friends Night In

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New Year's Eve Friends Night In!

We all love a fun night on the town, but to be honest, when it comes to

celebrating New Year's Eve after a busy and exciting year of launching OOO,

we'd all choose a low-stress, high-fun JOMO-inspired Friends & Family Night In

over the crazy scene of a crowded venue. Here's how we're planning to make our countdown to midnight a night to remember.

Food & Bev

The easier the better! Pre-prep a signature drink like this fun “Out Of Office” cocktail,

a few trays of a crowd-pleaser like this Barefoot Contessa Chicken Stew & Biscuits

and ask everyone to bring starters, sides and sweets (including some of the Sweet and Savory Snack Boards that are all the rage!). If you have extra time to bake,

you can treat everyone to their own Orange Loaf Cake as a sublime parting gift

so your guests can start their new year on a sweet note.

Fun & Games

And now the fun part! For the best party vibe, let your guests put their favorite

dance tune on a group Spotify playlist ahead of time, and magic ensues as people show off their moves and try to guess whose song it is. And while just being together with family and friends means effortless conversations and belly laughs, below are a few ideas to take it to the next level – sure to be worthy of capturing for family

photo albums and Instagram alike!


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