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The Big Benefits of Incorporating Small Acts of Kindness Into Your Daily Routine

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We're overjoyed to be spreading the word about the findings released by The Big Joy Project – an initiative measuring the big benefits of incorporating small acts of joy into your daily routine.

The initial results of the ongoing study of 70,000 participants in more than 200 countries show that people who commit daily “micro-acts” of joy or kindness experience a significant boost in emotional well-being over the course of a week – along with an improvement in relationships, optimism, stress management, and laughter.

What makes this “citizen project” even more compelling is that it’s an ongoing study still open to anyone who wants to be a part of it (LINK). Participants answer a preliminary online questionnaire about their emotions, stress, and social tendencies, and then commit to a week of incorporating small, happiness-inducing activities (aka “micro acts of joy”) into their routines. These could range from making a gratitude list or visiting a sick neighbor to doing something nice for a stranger or practicing “positive reframing” (finding the silver lining in a bad situation) -- whatever best resonates with each participant.

After one week, there was a 27% increase in participants’ level of agreement with the statement “I have felt able to impact, influence, or play an active role in how happy I generally feel." While micro-acts of joy and kindness won’t solve the macro problems individuals, and the global community face, “the hope is that the joy that emanates from micro-acts may help spur some people to get involved in the greater good.”

Source: NPR

Full article HERE


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