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Say Hello To "Quiet Thriving"

On the heels of “Quiet Quitting”, the “Quiet Thriving” trend is on the rise, sparked by the current workplace landscape where layoffs are prevalent, searching for a new job can be challenging, and many employees feel disenchanted with their jobs.

Contrary to the disempowering “do the bare minimum” approach of Quiet Quitting, Quiet Thriving empowers workers to create small, intentional changes in their work life to give a feeling of ownership of responsibilities – rather than feeling “owned” by their job which leads to decreased satisfaction. Quiet Thriving is about unlocking a sense of agency that inspires you to take more control of your work – a strategy that helps employees build resilience and experience more joy from their job responsibilities.

Increased fulfillment can also come from minor modifications to your work routine, like working with your manager to integrate elements to your role that align with your interests, strengths, and passions. And for some, thriving at work, and finding a healthy work/life balance means reevaluating long-term career goals with a fresh perspective.

Let’s hope Quiet Thriving leads to full-on, loud thriving for all!

Sources: Insider



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