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What Really Makes People Happy?

A long-term study led by Harvard has been examining this question over decades – and the results have recently been shared in a new book called The Good Life. Spoiler alert: money is not the most important factor.

To determine what makes people thrive they asked thousands of questions and curated hundreds of health stats across multiple generations of participants. While the traditional line of thinking has been that happiness can be achieved by buying your dream house, landing your big promotion, or fitting into your college jeans, the extensive data collected clearly proved otherwise. That is actually good news since the study showed that happiness is not out of reach, and something all of us can achieve.

How? Connecting with others! It turns out money and status are not at the heart of what makes people happy, but relationships ARE. The people with the strongest social bonds – whether from friendships, clubs, romance, colleagues, sports, etc. – were happier and healthier. Here’s to the new meaning of being well-connected!

Sources: Forbes


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