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Work/Life Insights: Logging Off at the End of the Work Day Actually Boosts Productivity

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The results of a workforce study by Slack are in, and they show putting in extra hours doesn't always equate to advancing your career -- providing more evidence to support why it's healthy AND productive to prioritize Work-Life balance. Below is our snackable summary of the findings. Scroll to bottom to link to their full report -- and more on the importance of building a culture of trust where employees feel comfortable enough to speak up when they need help prioritizing, and have the right balance of time in the work day to get work done.

  • Employees who log off at the end of the workday are 20% more productive than those who feel obligated to work after hours

  • Those who work after hours are 50% more likely to say their productivity is blocked by competing priorities compared to those who log a standard workday

  • Strive to balance focus time, collaboration time, social connection, and downtime. Four hours of focus time per day is ideal

  • Breaks are proven to boost productivity and wellness, but 50% of workers never, or rarely, take breaks 

  • Strive to limit your time in meetings to two hours total per day

Full report HERE



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