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Work/Life Trend Report: Introducing The "Workation" (Working Vacation)

With 66% of U.S. employees now having some kind of remote element to their work schedule, combining work and travel is a trend on the rise. An analysis by Icelandair compiled the top global and U.S. cities for those looking to travel without depleting vacation days – working during the day and exploring after hours. Their “best destinations” index factored data from the World Happiness Report along with culture, cost, safety, internet speed, climate, noise pollution, and more. If you find yourself among these adventurous multi-taskers, be sure to find balance and relax like a local: take small breaks often, go outside to connect with nature, stay active, and practice mindfulness while on your "workation".

Top 15 Global "Workation" Destinations

1. Vienna, Austria 2. Wellington, New Zealand 3. Copenhagen, Denmark

4. Edinburgh, United Kingdom 5. Victoria, Canada 6. Perth, Australia

7. Frankfurt, Germany 8. Brisbane, Australia 9. Helsinki, Finland

10. Zurich, Switzerland 11. Reykjavik, Iceland 12. Kelowna, Canada

13. Hamburg, Germany 14. Kelowna, Canada 15. Bristol, United Kingdom

Top 6 U.S. "Workation" Destinations

1. Kansas City, Missouri 2. Cleveland, Ohio 3. San Diego, California

4. Jacksonville, Florida 5. Portland, Oregon

Sources: CNN, Icelandic Air, Zippia Research



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