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D's Dopamine Dressing: Wrap Dresses


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Danielle's Dopamine Dressing: Wrap Dresses That Wow!

Welcome to the latest installment of how I continue to embrace the "Dopamine Dressing" (aka "wear what brings you joy") trend on a daily basis. I fully realize my choices are a dash over-the-top (I'm talking to you fluffy peach heels in outfit #1!) but I truly believe that fashion that makes you feel good powers other positive experiences in your life. This week, I had to raid what was in my closet for a Baby Shower, Barn Wedding and Business Dinner, and thought it would be fun to share three wrap dresses that did the trick (see below 3 pics, in that order!).

Check out the "inspired by" pieces and shopping links at bottom -- but remember,

it's all about manifesting your own vibe and it's fine (and encouraged) to

step out of the norm to do so!


Each Image Links To Shop Pieces Inspired By My Look on Amazon

About OOO Outfits

"Hello everyone! It’s Danielle, one of the OOO-Marketing founders.

Working from home (or wherever I can place my laptop) has given me the freedom to wear

what makes me the most happy – and the happier I am, the more productive I am.

Speaking of happy, did you know the biggest fashion trend of 2022 is “Dopamine Dressing”?

It’s simple: just figure out what you associate with joy…and wear it!

My goal is to inspire you to celebrate your own spirit-boosting style -- whether it’s through color, patterns, silhouettes or heel height. And speaking of heels, I am ALWAYS in them. While my mantra is “heels lift my spirits; flats bring me down” I promise to always include a chic flat in my “get the look” roundups! As work wardrobes take center stage again, whether IRL or under the WFH Zoom spotlight, I hope these outfit ideas help you power your happiness through your personal style."

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Our goal is to make getting dressed full of fun and free from stress – starting with easy, shoppable

affiliate links to similar “get the look” items on Amazon. We do receive a small commission if you shop from

these links, but there is absolutely no additional cost to you.


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