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"Win Your Week" Holiday Edition

Work/Life Coach

Tips & Tricks to Help You Find Clarity and Reach Your Full Potential in Business and Life

Win Your Week

(Holiday Edition!)

When you feel like you're working harder than you ever have, how can you plan to have a successful week -- and better yet how do you plan to win your week during the holidays? Here are our favorite tips for mastering your Work/Life schedule so you can prioritize joy with less stress this holiday season.

Do Not Prioritize What’s On Your Schedule. But Schedule Your Priorities

First seen in popular book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, written by Stephen Covey, it essentially means, don’t let external factors dictate your calendar. Decide what is most important to you and schedule accordingly. This can include what is physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally important. So if meeting up with friends is important to you, schedule in that Friendsgiving! By scheduling your priorities you control your week.

Plan Your Week In Advance

Sunday can be less scary if you plan your week ahead. Planning ahead allows you to be aware of what's on the books and where you may need to make adjustments. Always allow room for the unexpected. For example, when you take a look at the week and realize you have two big morning meetings, perhaps you block the previous night from social activities and allow yourself some prep and down time. Planning will help you feel less overwhelmed.

Focus On The Most Import Tasks First Sometimes you find yourself checking items off your list and leaving the most important tasks for last. A better approach is to identify the three most important daily tasks and schedule time to get each done. Blocking off time and writing down your priorities helps you keep the attention on the task at hand. You may even want to identify what does not deserve your attention so you can cut out the distractions.

Adapt and Organize Daily Once you plan your week, you will need to adapt for anything that comes up and organize your daily list. Even the most efficient person can’t always get through their list. Be specific on what needs to be done. Instead of a task item that says “Call Danielle” replace it with “Call Danielle about approving the newsletter.” Take it one step further and include her phone number so you are not scrambling for it when it's time to call. Pick a time in the morning to organize your day and at the end of the day take a look and see what needs to be moved to the next day. Having a ritual around organizing your schedule allows you to be the master of your day and week.



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