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Work From Home Outfit Inspo: Pop-Up Office Edition

Danielle here, posting from the quirky guest room in my house where I created an on-the-spot standing desk from my ironing board when my son unexpectedly needed to borrow my home office. I LOVED being able to stand for part of the day and then lower the ironing board to a sitting level with my comfy colorful ottoman as my desk chair. Another great example of the #WorkFromAnywhere movement! See shopping links below for “inspired by” looks --

including some room fun decor pieces.


Each Image Links To Shop Pieces Inspired By My Look on Amazon

About OOO Outfits

"Hello everyone! It’s Danielle, one of the OOO-Marketing founders.

Working from home (or wherever I can place my laptop) has given me the freedom to wear

what makes me the most happy – and the happier I am, the more productive I am.

Speaking of happy, did you know the biggest fashion trend of 2022 is “Dopamine Dressing”?

It’s simple: just figure out what you associate with joy…and wear it!

My goal is to inspire you to celebrate your own spirit-boosting style -- whether it’s through color, patterns, silhouettes or heel height. And speaking of heels, I am ALWAYS in them. While my mantra is “heels lift my spirits; flats bring me down” I promise to always include a chic flat in my “get the look” roundups! As work wardrobes take center stage again, whether IRL or under the WFH Zoom spotlight, I hope these outfit ideas help you power your happiness through your personal style."

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Our goal is to make getting dressed full of fun and free from stress – starting with easy, shoppable

affiliate links to similar “get the look” items on Amazon. We do receive a small commission if you shop from

these links, but there is absolutely no additional cost to you.


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