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How to Feel Comfortable Touting Your Work Accomplishments

In a society that values humility and modesty, it's no surprise many individuals find it uncomfortable to tout their own work accomplishments. We've been conditioned to downplay our achievements, fearing self-promotion may come across as boastful or arrogant. However, in today's competitive landscape, where visibility and recognition are paramount, shying away from promoting our own successes can hinder our professional growth.

At OOO-Marketing, we value the importance of touting the accomplishments of our team members. Not only are we proud of their successes, but the recognition helps boost morale and positivity among the group. After all, we're a team and their success is our success!

If you are unsure how to tout your work successes, take advice from this recent Fast Company article where they also see value in leaning on co-workers to showcase your accomplishments. According to their article, it's about reframing the idea of bragging and taking advantage of trusted colleagues who can help amplify and highlight your work for you.



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