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Make a Work-Life Smoothie

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Make A Work-Life Smoothie

We have all heard of work-life balance but have you heard of work-life blend? Work-life Balance implies a 50/50 share, but we all know everyone’s work-life looks different. Not just from an overall perspective but also from a month-to-month, week-to-week, or day-to-day perspective. A work-life blend allows for more flexibility.

Clarity and trust between employee and employer are essential to get the blend right. Setting clear boundaries and leading by example are great ways for employers to show employees that they are respectful of personal time and walk the walk. Examples include no after-hour e-emails that request a response and unplugging during vacation time. When employees have control over their time, it can reduce the stress that comes with work and personal schedules. The flexibility to walk away from the computer for 30 minutes and take a walk or check-in with the kids can be a valuable tool for staying stress-free and ultimately happier.

When you allow for the blend, you are less stressed and focused on the task at hand because you are not comprising one for the other. Each week, your smoothie’s ingredients may vary, but we all know the magic of planning. Plan each week based on ALL of your needs, schedule essential work tasks, and meetings, and block out personal time when needed; this will allow you to see your week in view and adjust your smoothie accordingly, so it always fits your “taste” and needs.



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