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Our Take on Quiet Quitting

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Our Taking on Quiet Quitting

Quiet Quitting is a result of a post-pandemic workplace. Workers are reevaluating where and how they do their jobs. We have all read the opinions - some are critics, others are advocates. Here at OOO-Marketing, we think work/life balance looks different for everyone, and when there is a disconnect between the employee and the employer, clarity is needed.

Is quiet quitting a reaction to the way people are managed?

With the learnings of the pandemic, workers learned that being tethered to the office wasn’t necessary to get their job done. Many employees pivoted quickly and adapted to remote work life. As we move to the next phase of office-life, companies and managers must learn to pivot to help employees reduce disengagement and burnout. Instead of thinking this is just the younger generation trying to get by, maybe this is the younger generation looking for more. Ask questions, engage in conversations, and don’t quiet quit on your workers.

From workaholic to coasting, work/life balance done right should lead to better boundaries, not laziness. You deserve Work/life balance, but doing the bare minimum at your job is not the way to achieve it. When people engage in quiet quitting, it’s their way of protecting their mental health to avoid burnout. If you are thinking of quiet quitting, first sit with your manager to level set and get clarity on expectations.

If you are at a job and you feel like they have taken possession of your soul and you are a shell of your former self even after all your efforts to get clarity fails. It just might mean it’s time to really quit.

A great piece of advice from Arianna Huffington, founder of health and wellness startup Thrive Global: instead of quiet quitting, how about “joyful joining”? Rather than go through the motions in a job you’ve effectively quit on, why not find one that inspires you, engages you and brings you joy?”


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